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It’s often said that to achieve anything of note in the world, you must first have a dream. Dreams can serve as an anchor or a compass in the journey of life, giving a sense of guidance and purpose in an ever-changing world. Indeed, the world is filled with the physical manifestations of people’s dreams. Wealth, success, and power are common aspirations which are widespread amongst the youth of today.

In a capitalist world, the modern day person exercises their purchasing power as a means of representing not only what they stand for but also; what they’d like to have, the way they’d like to have it, and what they want out of life. It is also important to note that this form of expression is no longer limited by the ability to afford it.

“It’s the possibility of making a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

We live in an era whereby dreams can be achieved by any means necessary; through hard work, through luck, through intelligence, or even through brute force. Sometimes, it’s a combination of some or all of these factors, but one thing is for certain, if you can’t achieve your dreams by any of these means, then there’s always the dreams money can buy.

For a person that it holds some significance, ‘being associated with, or being the flyest’ has an emotional appeal. Although Art and Music cannot technically be classed as a basic necessity in the same sense as clothing, in this day and age, that is no longer the case.

It can be argued that the youth of today are more likely to be invested in their emotional satisfaction in relation to these three lifestyle fields. In the mind of the modern consumer, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with making a purchase of something that was wanted, far outstrips the feeling of satisfaction that comes with making a purchase of something that was needed.

This feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction can be likened to a sense of euphoria which when remembered, re-enforces the desire to repeat that experience. This could be likened to a ‘buzz’ for a lack of a better word to sum up the feeling. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to worlds of Art, Fashion, and Music.

“Through their purchases, people can express themselves, their value systems…. interests and passions.”

The normalization of mobile internet access along with the explosion of social media over the last 15 years has further embedded the top 3 levels of the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ in our collective consciousness. These are; self-actualization, esteem, and love/belonging. At the same time, the global community has grown with more and more people around the world being influenced by the same things. This has led to the creation of a new hybrid identity that exists as a result of the blending of different cultures.

Street wear and street art culture are perfect examples of this as they have successfully blurred the lines between high Art and Fashion. KVZH will be a part of this movement and combination of cultural influences. The aim is to capture the imagination of the modern consumer who not only wants to look and feel good, but also has something to represent…self-expression by means of a joint statement.

Art, Fashion, and Music have played a huge role in the representation of culture and identity for centuries, and continue to do so now more than ever. Apart from the physical and aesthetic aspect of Fashion or Art, people are also buying into the philosophy of the brand or the artist they are purchasing. The same applies to Music regardless of the sonic style. From the choice of colours, materials, images, instruments or words, you can literally make a statement through;


What type(s) of art you like.

Why you like that type of art.

What it says about you.

Is there a message behind it?


What you wear.

How you wear it.

What it says about you.


What style(s) of music you like.

Why you like that type of music.

What it says about you.

Is there a message behind it?

art + fashion + music =  lifestyle©

Stay tuned……..


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